About Us


Webnet TV is a leading global provider of premium quality and affordable live TV streaming and Video on Demand (VOD) content for customers in developing countries around the world.

Our commitment is to continue to provide innovative solutions with our partners to provide choices for the changing needs to consume content for our customers.

About Us

Webnet TV was founded to be a leading global provider of high quality and  affordable content solutions for our customers and partners.

Service excellence is our commitment, to maintain valuable relationships with our

customers, partners and distributors by meeting and exceeding expectations by delivering exceptional support and value.

Value Proposition

  • Amazing quality live TV for less than $1 day
  • Variable payment plans, no contracts, service level assurance, Money back Guaranty
  • Access to valuable content, anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Access to multiple content providers via a single app
  • Customize content based on user profile and interest
  • Proactive customer support and feedback
  • Target market multilingual content, developing countries, loyalty programs